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YoungScape CiC is an ambitious community interest company ensuring children and young people of all backgrounds can access evidence-based wellbeing activities and professional emotion coaching. Our mission is to work collaboratively with young people, parents, teachers and youth practitioners to raise awareness of and address emotional wellbeing in schools and community youth settings. Our business model involves providing our services at no cost to young people in exchange for them volunteering and participating in social action projects with local companies and organisations. Our young users and adults work together to break generational barriers. We passionately believe this is the way forward to create a new positive landscape for young people to flourish.


Our strengths-based emotional resilience programmes use researched concepts from the fields of positive psychology and arts-based cognitive-behavioural therapy to reduce risk factors and bolster pre-existing individual strengths in young people. We prepare them to face life’s daily stressors and prevent the development of mental health issues.We coach young people and train Emotion Coaches to improve social and emotional competencies that can help to reduce behaviour problems and promote psychological wellbeing.


YoungScape bases its work on the Five Cs of positive youth development (PYD): competence, confidence, connection caring/compassion and character. We passionately believe that when the strengths of young people are aligned with family, school, and community-based resources like ours, positive youth development will occur. Where studies show development of the Five Cs leads to a “Sixth C”; youth contributions, YoungScape believes that giving young people unique opportunities to contribute to their self, family and community accelerates the Five Cs, which in turn further nurtures sustainable contributions to the flourishing Civil Society the Government set out in its 2018 Strategy; YoungScape shares the vision that “Young people should have a central role in shaping the future of our society”. 


We have established a highly skilled and passionate network of emotional wellbeing coaches, mental health experts, youth art practitioners, and behavioural researchers at UELs Health Promotion & Behaviour Research Group who will support hard to reach young people to contribute to the design and delivery of workshops with adults, as well as participate in social action.