YoungScape CiC founders, Rachid Choaibi and Esther Marie Darko, whilst undertaking their Masters on the UK’s very first MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology at University of East London, realised their newly learnt psychological interventions, years of experience supporting at-risk young people, and their passion to help the future generation fulfil their potential was the perfect recipe for YoungScape- a new landscape where young people flourish.


Founder & CEO - Rachid Choaibi MSc, BSc, MInstF Cert

Rachid is a qualified Youth Work Practitioner and Resilience Coach, with a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. he has 23 years’ experience motivating and empowering hard to reach young people to achieve their potential. 


Rachid has built various community groups, national charities, social enterprises and Higher Education institutes through sustainable community engagement and fundraising strategies. His passion is in social change and creative arts, particularly in the field of young people and mental health.


Rachid's MSc research study on the effectiveness of wellbeing interventions for young people has provided the evidence base and inspiration for YoungScape.



Co-Founder & Director of Wellbeing - Esther Marie Darko MSc, BSc

Esther has a strong psychology academic background- BSc Psychology, MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She is also a qualified Physical Wellbeing Instructor.


Esther has vast experience working in therapeutic schools supporting children who are dealing with mental health and emotional/behavioural difficulties, where she implemented many interventions and facilitated groups including group-based LEGO therapy, Multi-Family groups, talking therapy and externalising. The interventions that she uses enhance children’s wellbeing and their academic performance, as well as their home life. Esther believes that every child has the right to flourish to the best of their ability and know that with the right tools and techniques this can be achieved

Esther started her journey working with adults who had various mental health diagnoses, some of which were forensic patients. She has over 7 years of experience working with parents with various mental health difficulties. Being a Director at YoungScape and leading on all our services, fulfils her ambition of make a lasting change to the lives of young people, their families, and the wider community 


Co-Founder & Director of Young Excellence - Cara Camilla Chantry BSc

Cara is an experienced teacher with an academic background in medical physiology. She has excelled at designing and delivering engaging educational programmes and workshops to disadvantaged primary school children, particularly physiological sessions on coping mechanisms for young people to manage stress and anxiety.


Cara struggled growing up due to a lack of support and because of this is determined to support an educational system that will support the social and mental health needs of young people. 


Cara is instrumental in designing YoungScape’s learning and interactive training materials, and ensuring the excellence of our delivery provision. She also manages the Young People Committee, and encourages our users to be fully involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of our services.