Our Strengths-Based Group Training helps young people develop an increased capacity for positive emotions, build close relationships, and engage in meaningful activities. Importantly, the workshop programme helps young people identify their signature character strengths and increase the use of these strengths in their daily lives. They focus on positively reframing the past, and using character strengths to activate their natural growth potential. 


Participants learn techniques to increase assertiveness, negotiation, decision-making, social problem-solving, and relaxation. They are taught how to apply these skills across many domains of their lives, including relationships with friends and family and academic achievement. This way, young people build resilience, positive relationships and strong connections to school and family, factors strongly associated with reduced depression, substance use, violence, and other risky behaviours. 


Our users learn to recognise their internal “self-talk,” and how to detect negative cognitions and maladaptive thinking styles, such as pessimistic and catastrophic thinking. Participants evaluate the accuracy of their thoughts and challenge their negativity by considering alternative explanations. Through this process, they learn to replace self-defeating patterns with more flexible and optimistic interpretations.


To anchor this broadened cognition, our young people participate in expressive writing, poetry, drama and visual arts to create inspirational stories, plays, spoken word and screenplays to be disseminated with arts companies to inspire other young people. Doing so will encourage young people to explore and adopt a new future. By addressing the problematic base state and developing a Strengths Mindset, young people will begin exploring alternative life narratives and aspire to them. As there is no limit in ambition when creating a story, they are encouraged to pursue it and fulfil their potential.