Take this free character strength based test to see where your strengths lie so that you are able to put these to use in your everyday life.

We have provided you with some supportive research for the VIA character based strengths on our 'Research' page.


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11 Signs that you may be out of touch with your emotions and how you can work at becoming more in touch with your emotions.

At YoungScape we use a range of tried and tested psychometric questionnaires in order to assess the young person and tailor activities and interventions in which are best suited to them and their specific needs. These tests include -

  • Person-Activity Fit Diagnostic

  • Resilience and Related Measures for Children and Youth

  • Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scales

  • Children's Attributional Style Questionnaire

  • Attributional Style Questionnaire for Adolescents

  • Youth Life Orientation Test

  • Child Acceptance & Mindfulness

  • VIA Youth Survey

  • School Engagement Instruments