YoungScape’s Emotion Coaching takes place with young people and parents/carers as an effective, evidence-based approach. We directly address young people’s skills relating to emotion management and problem-focused coping. We coach both young people and train Emotion Coaches to encourage social and emotional competencies that can help to reduce behaviour problems and promote psychological wellbeing. Emotion Coaching is offered as an alternative paradigm to control, order and regulation of behaviour by focusing attention on the feelings underlying behaviour rather than behaviour modification. 


We work together to empower young people to flourish into resilient, active members of society.We help those who support young people to adapt certain thought patterns, making sense of what they have experienced and assigning positive meanings to negative life events


YoungScape delivers engaging, validated interventions that encourage young people to recreate positive storyscapes with new life narratives using creative, positive psychological activities. We create positive life stories through expressive writing, drama and arts with young people and professionals to help them overcome the stigma of mental health and improve their emotional well-being. YoungScape creates a space with adults where young people can literally create a better life for themselves.