Our group training and individual coaching services in schools and youth centres empower teachers, parents and youth practitioners to inspire young people to accept and address their mental and emotional challenges. 


Emotion Coaching is based on two key elements - empathy and guidance. Emotional empathy involves recognising, labelling and validating a young person’s emotions, regardless of the behaviour, in order to promote self-awareness and understanding of emotions. Acceptance by the adult of the young person’s internal emotional state creates a context of responsiveness and security, and helps the child to engage with more reasonable solutions. We use validated questionnaire scales to assess participants’ psychological wellbeing, values, character strengths and attitudes in order to use the most effective approaches and interventions to help them grow.



We deliver training that creates supportive adults to empower young people. We provide professionals with a relational model to support their work and teach more empathic ways to manage behaviour and engender resilience and confidence. YoungScape coach training engages with the adult’s beliefs, attitudes, awareness, expression and regulation of emotion, their reactions to children’s expressions and the adult’s discussion and support or coaching of young people’s emotions. The narrative provided by emotion coaching creates a communicative context for a child’s emotional experiences to be explicitly and meaningfully processed within a relational adult-child dyad. 


Our approach is built on the premise that learning and teaching are interpersonal interactions and positive relationships play a key role in productivity and happiness. By developing both young people’s and their adult practitioners’ skills we can build a greater and brighter landscape for young people.